Our Mission

La Amistad Behavioral Health Services provides the kind of health care that residents recommend to family and friends, physicians prefer for their patients and in which our employees take great pride. Our staff realizes this vision through their commitment to the following principles:

  • Service excellence
  • Continuous improvement in measurable ways
  • Employee development
  • Ethical and fair treatment for all
  • Compassion and innovation in service delivery

The staff at La Amistad Behavioral Health Services is committed to providing “Service Excellence.” The following are standards developed by our staff to measure our efforts:

  • Demonstrate professionalism and excellence in everything we do
  • Project a positive attitude
  • Keep our promises – to earn trust
  • Serve others as a team and with respect
  • Ensure access to service is prompt, efficient, user-friendly and effective

2014 Outcome Measures and Quality Award