Growth Treatment Model

La Amistad Behavioral Health Services offers residential treatment and partial hospitalization programs in Maitland and Winter Park, Florida, and has been on the cutting edge of holistic treatment for more than 40 years.

La Amistad incorporates traditional psychiatric treatment with an individualized holistic approach that facilitates positive momentum toward meeting an individual’s needs. That approach encompasses three phases:

Phase I: Accelerated Assessment (one hour to seven days)

  1. Upon arrival at La Amistad, one of La Amistad’s employed psychiatrists conduct an extensive psychiatric evaluation. By initiating treatment with the attending psychiatrist and formulating an initial treatment plan, assessment and medical/medication evaluation, La Amistad accelerates treatment from the start.
  2. In addition to the extensive psychiatric evaluation, a multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals gathers information and evaluations through multiple assessments. Those assessments include: nursing assessment, health and physical exam, psycho-social evaluation, individual therapy, family therapy, nutritional assessment and recreation assessment.
  3. La Amistad conducts a weekly, multidisciplinary treatment team meeting throughout the course of treatment; the first of those treatment team meetings makes recommendations and evaluations from the initial assessments accumulated throughout the first week.

Phase II: Growth and Momentum (seven days to three-eight weeks)

  1. With a clear treatment plan and direction from the first week of treatment, the treatment team determines the best fit between therapeutic interventions and the individual’s needs. Therapists at La Amistad have specialties ranging from chemical recovery, co-occurring disorders, trauma, psychosis, anxiety, depression and personality disorders. The therapists conduct multiple therapy sessions throughout the week, including individual and family therapy sessions, and primarily employ interventions ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), prolonged exposure therapy (PE), eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) and rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT).
  2. Additionally, the attending psychiatrist will follow the treatment of an individual throughout the course of treatment and conduct weekly sessions to determine medical/medication effectiveness and evaluate ongoing therapeutic needs.
  3. La Amistad is staffed 24 hours a day with licensed nurses who make daily contact with individuals related to medications, therapeutic needs and general communication.
  4. La Amistad follows a social model program, which incorporates the use of dynamic, challenging and educational group therapy. La Amistad conducts approximately seven groups a day, which range from psycho-therapy, psycho-educational, recreation therapy, peer-led support groups (AA/NA), activity groups (wellness center, exercise), spirituality, meditation, nursing, nutrition and trauma groups. The collective momentum of individuals with common needs striving for improved health becomes a powerful change agent in the lives of La Amistad’s residents.

Phase III: Discharge Readiness (three-eight weeks, as needed)

  1. La Amistad remains in constant communication with outside providers throughout treatment. The ability to openly share successes and ongoing needs with providers creates a seamless transition to the outside provider upon discharge.
  2. Discharge planning begins during the Assessment Phase with the psycho-social assessment. The plan continues to develop throughout the Growth and Momentum Phase and becomes finalized during the Discharge Readiness Phase.
  3. Through ongoing assessments, the treatment team and the resident develop confidence and evidence that sufficient progress toward the treatment plan goals have been achieved and a discharge strategy is finalized.