Learning Academy

Mission: To serve the unique needs of every student in order that they maximize their full human potential and become productive citizens.

Since 1970, La Amistad Behavioral Health Services in Central Florida, has been meeting the needs of children, adolescents, young adults and their families seeking a supportive, structured, psycho-educational environment in which to deal with academic, emotional and behavioral difficulties. La Amistad Learning Academy, accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), is an on-site school dedicated to the provision of quality individualized education in elementary, middle and high school, and transitional career planning.

The Learning Academy provides modified curriculums, small-group instruction and one-to-one attention. We work closely with each student’s home school to prevent interruption in goal attainment. Our students engage in active learning through our extended curriculum, including SAT Prep, GED Prep, vocational counseling and online courses through Florida Virtual School. We provide individualized instruction in regular, honors, vocational and exceptional education courses.

Subjects offered for Upper School (Grades 6 – 12):

Middle School: Math, English, Science (Earth, Life, Physical), Social Studies, World Geography, American History and a variety of electives.

High School: English I-IV, Integrated Math I-II, Liberal Arts Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Earth/Space Science, Biology, Marine Science, Integrated Science I-III, World History, American History, Government, Economics, Life Management Skills, Physical Education and a variety of electives (i.e. Holocaust Studies, Speech, Computer Applications and Humanities).

School preparation includes attending high school; working toward GED; attending or considering a vocational school, community college or a four-year university; and IEP development/coordination and ESE guidance.

Test preparation includes GED, SAT, ACT, Civil Service Exams and GRE.

Career preparation includes the design of effective resumes, job applications, interview skills, career interest inventory, career opportunities, exploration and planning, and educational/training opportunities.

The Learning Academy Director has a Master’s Degree in Emotional Disturbance with certification in Educational Leadership. Of the eighteen-plus years in education, she has spent the last several overseeing district level programming for students with disabilities, grades K-12. One hundred percent of our staff is highly-qualified and certified by the State of Florida. Our para-educators are trained to assist in classroom instruction and ensure the climate of the school provides an optimum learning environment. Classes are small and focus on building appropriate social skills while facilitating progress toward academic and therapeutic goals.

2015 – 2016 Year – School Themes

Middle School:  Grades 6-8

Academic subjects include: M/J Math I, II, & III, M/J Language Arts I, II, & III, M/J World History, M/J Civics, M/J American History. M/J Comprehensive Science I, II, & III.   Electives include M/J Intensive Reading, M/J Intensive Math, M/J Personal, Career Decision Making.


Secondary School:  Grades 9-12

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalc, Advanced Topics in Algebra,  Algebra with Financial Applications,

Statistics, Trigonometry, Physics.   English I, II, III, IV and Honors English I, II, III, IV.  World History, World Geography, US History, Economics, American Government.  Science:  Biology,  Marine Science, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Earth Science. Electives include Personal, Career Decision Making, Sociology Studies, Intensive Reading, Intensive Math


“Taking the First Step” Character Trait: Commitment

Week of August 24      Discovering Ourselves

Week of August 31      Setting and Reaching Goals


“Look on the Bright Side” Character Trait: Optimism

Week of September 7                         Looking Back

Week of September 14                       Staying Focused

Week of September 21                       Holding your position

Week of September 28                       Going Forward


“It Takes Time” Character Trait: Patience

Week of October 5                   Time to Heal

Week of October 12                 Time to Learn

Week of October 19                 Time to Grow

Week of October 26                 Time to Love Ourselves


“Attitude of Gratitude” Character Trait: Gratitude

Week of November 2               Thankful Hearts

Week of November 9               Thankful Hands

Week of November 16             Thanksgiving Theme

Week of November 23             Thankful Minds


“Transforming through Giving” Character Trait: Kindness

Week of December 1     Deck the Halls-Making Decorations

Week of December 7     Santa is Coming-Making Treat Bags

Week of December 14   Joy to the World-Community Svc

Week of December 21   Prepare for the New Year


“Having Resolve” Character Trait: Consistency

Week of January 4                   New Resolutions

Week of January 11                 Old Habits Die Hard

Week of January 18                 Putting a Plan in Place

Week of January 25                 Consistency Over Time


“Working Together” Character Trait: Cooperation

Week of February 1            Communication

Week of February 8            Being a Positive Leader

Week of February 15         Being a Positive Follower

Week of February 22         Getting Along


“Taking Charge” Character Trait: Self-Control

Week of March 1                                 …of Emotions

Week of March 7                                 …of Actions

Week of March 14                               …of Reactions

Week of March 21                               …Of Our Lives


“Honesty is the Best Policy” Character Trait: Honesty

Week of April 4                      Being Honest with Ourselves

Week of April 11                    Being Honest with our Families

Week of April 18                    Being Honest with our Peers

Week of April 25                    A Life of Honesty


“Being Responsible” Character Trait: Responsibility

Week of May 2                                       ….for our Thoughts

Week of May 9                                        …for our words

Week of May 16                                     …for our deeds

Week of May 23                                       …for what we listen to

Week of May 30                                       …for what we watch


“Standing up for What is Right” Character Trait: Courage

Week of June 6                                    Courage for our Thoughts

Week of June 12                                  Courage for our Words

Week of June 20                                  Courage for our Deeds

Week of June 27                                  Being Courageous