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Treatment & Services

Treatment & Services

Behavioral Health Services in Winter Park, FL

At La Amistad Behavioral Health Services, we are committed to offering behavioral health care programs to both adolescents and adults. These programs are available in both residential and partial hospitalization versions. By using a multidisciplinary and individualized approach, we ensure that our patients are treated in a manner that is tailored to their individual needs. Contact our experienced staff to learn more about our behavioral health services in Winter Park, FL.

Intensive Programs

Our outpatient and partial hospitalization programs are designed to aid in the treatment of mental health, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis issues. We believe in serving and assisting as many people as possible, and for this reason, we work diligently to help people ages 12 and older. La Amistad Behavioral Health Services helps patients who would find a structured program useful and who do not require 24-hour care. We bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient counseling services.

For a list of the programs offered at La Amistad Behavioral Health Services in Winter Park, FL, read below.

Adolescent’s Program

We are proud to offer our Adolescent’s Program for those aged 12 to 17. This is a comprehensive program that is designed to help our patients reestablish their healthy adolescent behavior while developing a successful transition back into their family, home, school, and community. This program is available both as a residential or partial hospitalization program.

Adult Program

In our Adult Program, our patients can find a program that allows for realistic and effective support and therapy. Using this confidential and structured program, we work diligently to ensure your success. The program is also available as both a residential or partial hospitalization program.

Partial Hospitalization Program

For those not in need of full-time hospitalization, our Partial Hospitalization Program may be the best fit for them. With this program, patients are granted access to a well-structured environment while still being able to return to their own home at night. This program offers the stability needed to maintain all-important familiar relationships.

Intensive Outpatient Program

As with our other services, our Intensive Outpatient Program provides you or a loved one with individualized treatment tailored to the needs of the patient. By using an integrated model of traditional and effective 12-step techniques, we have created a unique environment that enables change. This program focuses on:

  • Family
  • Wellness
  • Self-Responsibility
  • Abstinence

Contact us to learn more about our intensive programs. We are proud to assist individuals in Winter Park, FL, and the surrounding area.