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Learning Academy

Learning Academy

Learning Academy

Since 1970, La Amistad Behavioral Health Services in Central Florida, has been meeting the needs of adolescents and their families seeking a supportive, structured, psycho-educational environment in which to deal with academic, emotional and behavioral difficulties La Amistad Learning Academy, accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), is an on-site school dedicated to the provision of quality individualized education in elementary, middle and high school, and transitional career planning.

The Learning Academy provides modified curriculums, small-group instruction and one-to-one attention. We work closely with each student’s home school to prevent interruption in goal attainment. Our students engage in active learning through our extended curriculum, including SAT Prep, GED Prep, vocational counseling and online courses through Florida Virtual School. We provide individualized instruction in regular, honors, vocational and exceptional education courses.

Subjects offered for Upper School (Grades 6 – 12):

Middle School:
Math, English, Science (Earth, Life, Physical), Social Studies, World Geography, American History and a variety of electives.

High School:
English I-IV, Integrated Math I-II, Liberal Arts Math, Algebra I, Geometry, Earth/Space Science, Biology, Marine Science, Integrated Science I-III, World History, American History, Government, Economics, Life Management Skills, Physical Education and a variety of electives (i.e. Holocaust Studies, Speech, Computer Applications and Humanities).

School preparation includes attending high school; working toward GED; attending or considering a vocational school, community college or a four-year university; and IEP development/coordination and ESE guidance.

Test preparation includes GED, SAT, ACT, Civil Service Exams and GRE.

Career preparation includes the design of effective resumes, job applications, interview skills, career interest inventory, career opportunities, exploration and planning, and educational/training opportunities.

The Learning Academy Director has a Master’s Degree in Emotional Disturbance with certification in Educational Leadership. Of the eighteen-plus years in education, she has spent the last several overseeing district level programming for students with disabilities, grades K-12. One hundred percent of our staff is highly-qualified and certified by the State of Florida. Our para-educators are trained to assist in classroom instruction and ensure the climate of the school provides an optimum learning environment. Classes are small and focus on building appropriate social skills while facilitating progress toward academic and therapeutic goals.

Character Education Program

Our Character Education Program is embedded in every aspect of La Amistad’s Programming.  It is taught in the classroom as a curriculum designed specifically to go hand in hand with the clinical treatment provided for students. This curriculum is designed to encourage students to display positive character traits when interacting with others in and out of the classroom. The topics covered impact students on a daily basis; through this teaching, we are preparing them to handle themselves in situations with a different perspective then they may have previously had before entering La Amistad. The Character Education Program will also acknowledge the character traits that students already have instilled within themselves and celebrate them. Each month as a new character trait is introduced, peers will be encouraged for to look for the trait in fellow students. At the end of the month, students and staff members will be able to nominate individuals who they feel embody the character trait. They will receive a Character Education Award, as well as the choice of a dress down pass or a sweet treat. In order to be considered for the award students must meet the following criteria:

  • Student must not have earned a freeze or level drop during the month.
  • Student must be in the program at least 30 days.
  • Students must work consistently in all classes.

Every month a new character trait will be introduced, giving the students opportunities to be acknowledged for their positive attributes. Within each week, a topic dealing with that trait will be directly taught and indirectly modeled, providing a well-rounded approach to character education.

Character Education

Week 1: What respect looks like.

Week 2: Learning how to disagree respectfully.

Week 3: Showing more respect towards myself.

Week 4: What it means to be respectful on-line.

Week 1: What good communication look like.

Week 2: Communicating in order to get your needs met.

Week 3: Identifying power struggles when communicating.

Week 4: Writing to communicate.

Week 1: Making informed decisions.

Week 2: Taking accountability for your actions.

Week 3: Understanding Natural Consequences.

Week 4: Moving forward after making a mistake.

Week 1: Understanding what integrity means.

Week 2: Consistency inside and out.

Week 3: Becoming a more authentic person.

Week 4: How others relate to people who are authentic.

Week 1: What it mean to be wise.

Week 2: How to keep an open mind.

Week 3: Understanding your self-worth.

Week 4: Using your common sense and intuition.

Week 1: Finding your direction.

Week 2: Discovering what is important when setting achievable goals.

Week 3: How to stay confident and focused.

Week 4: Allowing a change in direction.

Week 1: What it means to take charge of my life.

Week 2: Understanding the discipline from within.

Week 3: Learning how to meet my own needs.

Week 4: Breaking old patterns.

Week 1: How to stay cool under pressure.

Week 2: Working together to solve problems.

Week 3: Letting go of being right.

Week 4: Positive ways to handle frustration.

Week 1: How to forgive others.

Week 2: How to forgive yourself.

Week 3: When you forgive you stop being a victim.

Week 4: Acknowledging your emotions.

Week 1: What persevering means to you.

Week 2: Learning to cope when bad things happen.

Week 3: Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Week 4: Being brave means different things to different people.

Week 1: Understanding different types of leadership.

Week 2: Qualities of a good leader.

Week 3: How to lead by following.

Week 4: Leadership in action: Roleplaying

Week 1: Knowing the true meaning of courage.

Week 2: Physical, mental, and moral courage.

Week 3: The courage it takes to be healthy: making the choice.

Week 4: Discovering what courage means to you.

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