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“Based on previous experience with other facilities I feel La Amistad is the best to date. First the family day is very important. If this is your first time going through the process, being able to share experiences with other parents gives you a sense of relief knowing you’re not alone going through this. Second and most important to me is communication. La Amistad has an excellent staff. In 5 months there were no questions unanswered and there were many questions. Not one phone call was left without follow up. From previous experience this is amazing. Keep up the good work.” – Parent

“Staff is excellent at their jobs, and very patient, and consistent. They are kind to my daughter and treat my daughter with respect and look beyond her issues and see the person she is becoming. I see nothing but positive results. I think in part because everything that they do is meaning and therapeutic. I really appreciate Dr. Sieg. He is an excellent doctor. From day one, he properly and quickly diagnosed my daughter.” – Parent

“Very nice place. Outdoor area is nice with lots of places to sit. Staff let us visit in cafeteria. The facility smelled very clean. Feel confident that daughters treatment is going well. Staff was friendly and helpful. It would be nice if patients can have more art – hands on activity.” – Parent

“The place is clean and well organized. The staff is very nice. Great job.” – Parent

“My son has only been here 2 1/2 days but I can already see a big difference. He was having some anger issues at home but over the last two visits he is calm, playful, smiling, pleasant and polite. His time here has already forced a good – yet painful. Look at our family structure. We make mistakes like everyone else. La Amistad is treating not only my grandson, but the entire family. They offer programs with groups parenting, coping. They offer hope – just when I thought there was no hope left. Thank you La Amistad.” – Grandparent

“We have found the staff to be supportive of my son’s needs and of ours. Everyone we have met and/or interacted with has been kind, receptive and has conducted themselves in a professional manner. The entire family feels that for the first time we have found what we feel is an effective treatment program for our son. Thank you one and all.” – Parent

“I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all those involved in my sons recovery. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. My personal trainer was having issues with his daughter and was trying to get her to agree to go to your facility. I had been having problems with my son for a long time. When he mentioned your facility, and after researching it online I approached my son with the idea. Thankfully, he was at the point where he agreed to go.

It was the BEST decision we both have made in a very long time. He was at his lowest and I feared he didn’t have much of a future ahead of him. I also feared I would be living with stress in my life for a very long time. Your program saved him. He didn’t believe in God before and found his way again. After just two weeks I could see a huge difference in his appearance and demeanor. My son was on his way back again! Our programs gave him the tools and structure he needed. Your staff is exceptional! One particular staff member stood out not only for my son but for me. She is an angel from God and took my son under her wing making him feel comfortable in his surroundings. I will be forever grateful to her. My son is doing well. He is still sober and has no temptations to use again.

He removed himself from his previous friends who used, has been going to meetings and church! He resigned from his restaurant job (not a great place to work with his issues) and started a new one this week. He has a set schedule which is what he needs. His goal is to save $5k and move for a fresh start. He plans on going back to school to become either a middle school or high school guidance counselor so he can help those who may be going through similar issues he did. He wants to give back. He believes he is here for a reason. We are truly blessed. Thank you all!!” – Parent

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